Coastal Engineering

ENGenuity Infrastructure is versed in coastal engineering serving the Public Domain.  Our projects range from bulkheads, seawalls, boardwalks, and waterfront walkways.  We have expertise in coastal structures as our President & CEO has an extensive coastal resume that includes jetty and groin construction, seawall design, boardwalks, bulkheads, and beach design.



Environmental Engineering Services

The ENGenuity Team offers a comprehensive list of Environmental Engineering Services, Permitting, Feasibility Studies, Environmental Impact Statements, Environmental Compliance & Brownfield Site Redevelopment.  ENGenuity is versed in the preparation of applications to obtain all permits that may be necessary for construction of proposed projects.  We are versed in NJDEP permits, ACOE, Coastal Permits, Waterfront Development Permits, Utility Crossings, and various NJDOT permits including railroad crossings, highway access, and highway occupancy permits. 


Roadway Design, Complete Streets, & Streetscapes

ENGenuity Infrastructure is versed in the design for roadways, complete streets, and streetscape designs.  We specialize in place-making and focus on designs that are safe, multi-modal, and integrated.  We strive for solutions that serve residents, visitors, business, movement of vehicles, deliveries, bikes, access to transit, pedestrians, and incorporate Green Infrastructure and sustainability.  Our Team looks at a corridor and works with the Client and stakeholders to determine what attributes of the community could benefit by a redesign of the corridor.  We are also versed in wayfinding signage systems, and smart street technologies.   Our engineers have years of experience preparing contract documents for public bids, including the preparation of plans and specifications and any required studies.  We also versed in the process of bidding projects for Public entities, including review of bids, responding to RFI’s, attending bid openings, and issuing Recommendations of Award for award of contracts.

Municipal & County Services

ENGenuity is focused on Building Resilient Communities through balancing planning principles with technical engineering expertise to achieve the goals of our County and Municipal Clients.  We understand that the sense of place, quality of life, and preservation of the community fabric is essential. As echoed in our Mission we “Engineer, Plan, and Serve Thriving Communities through Integrated Public Infrastructure”.   Our technical experience in the municipal and county arena is extensive and includes Roadway Improvements, Traffic Signals, Structures, Utilities, Sports Engineering, Recreation, Master Plan & Zoning Ordinance Reviews & Updates, Planning and Zoning Board Planning and Engineering Services including reviews and attending meetings, Transportation Planning, Permitting, Grants, Storm/Disaster Preparedness, and Construction Observation & Administration.  We are versed at attending and presenting at public meetings on behalf of our Clients. We serve as the consultant to many public entities and can provide engineering, planning, and environmental services to meet your public sector needs.

Planning Services

ENGenuity Infrastructures Planning Services are vast and range from Storm and Emergency Planning Services, to Master Plans, Urban Planning, Redevelopment, Place-making, Land Use Codes, and Design Standards. We are versed in recovery planning for hazard mitigation planning, strategic recovery planning, long term recovery planning, coastal resiliency, floodplain management plans, capital improvement plans, emergency operation plans, and emergency housing.
We can assist communities with the Community Rating System (CRS).   Our Planners specialize in local and regional land use planning.  Our Master Planning services include Housing Plans, Circulation Elements, Open Space and Recreation Plans, Farmland Preservation Plans, Smart Growth Plans, Transit Village Plans, Master Plan Reexamination Reports, and Zoning Amendments. We are versed in Redevelopment Studies and Preliminary Investigation Reports.  Our Planners are versed and proven in Urban Design.  At the core of our business is our devotion to preserving the community fabric and serving all users of the public domain.  We focus on place-making, multimodal transportation systems, and integrated design. We understand the importance for transparency in the planning process and can assist Clients in the community visioning process, charrettes, stakeholder interviews, steering committees, public outreach, public presentations, and also updates to the public through social media. d also updates to the public through social media.



Stormwater Management & Green Infrastructure

ENGenuity is versed in Hydrology and Hydraulics (H&H) Studies & Modeling.  We routinely work with surveyors to obtain field surveys to use for stormwater management planning and design.  We specialize in hydraulic analysis and modeling, integrated design, green infrastructure, and stormwater permitting. We are versed in using green infrastructure for water quality using infiltration basins, rain gardens, porous pavement features, and bio retention.  Using stormwater harvesting as a guiding principle, we have developed performance based codes and ordinances to encourage the reduction in runoff in communities.


ENGenuity Infrastructure is a woman owned and operated Engineering and Planning firm.  We are WBE, SBE, DBE, and EDWOSB certified in the State of New Jersey, and nationally HUBZone qualified and certified as a WBENC-WBE and WBENC-WOSB.  Our diverse skillset adds value as both a teaming partner, a prime consultant, and a sub-consultant for a variety of Public Sector Projects. 


Construction Management

ENGenuity Infrastructure provides both full time and part time Construction Administration and Inspection services.  Our CA&I services typically commence upon the award Resolution for the Construction Contract.  Once Construction commences, our inspection staff observes construction for general conformance to the plans and specs.  We are well versed in construction in urban areas.  We understand the importance of proper coordination with police, utility companies, and maintenance and protection of all traffic with includes, vehicles, bikes, and pedestrians.  We coordinate and communicate routinely with the Client and the Contractor.    Our work is transparent and well documented.  We track all contract quantities, complete Contractor payment certifications and make recommendations to the City for payment, and process any change orders.  We determine the dates of substantial and final completion, and drive the project through construction close-out, final payment, and release of retainage.  We perform performance bond release inspections, and recommend maintenance bonds in accordance with contract documents. 

Park Design, Sports Engineering, & Recreation

A famous athlete once said, “Sports are such a great teacher. I think of everything they taught me: Camaraderie, Humility, (and) How to Resolve Differences” (Kobe Bryant). This quote speaks to why well planned parks, sports, and passive and active recreation are so essential in all communities.  Our Planners and Engineers design waterfront walkways, bikeways, trails, skate parks, areas for public art, active athletic fields, memorial parks, spraygrounds, etc. Our Engineers and Planners routinely collaborate with landscape architects to specify plant materials and strike an aesthetic balance that is functional and memorable, and serves the natural environment. 





Storm & Disaster Preparedness, Response, & Recovery

Our team of Planning and Engineering Professionals has a diverse resume of Storm/Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Recovery Services.  Our approach is to rebuild in a comprehensive manner using resiliency planning and design.  We assist our Clients with the full life cycle of preparedness, response and recovery, through procuring funding, completing FEMA project worksheets, strategic recovery planning, environmental review, permitting, design, and construction administration/inspection. Our focus on long range planning and reducing vulnerabilities has resulted in a large list on Planning, Engineering, and Environmental Services.  These specialties include:

• Strategic Recovery Planning Reports
• Floodplain Management Plans
• Stormwater Management Reports and Design
• Hazard Mitigation Plans
• Debris Management Plans
• Capital Improvement Plans
• Emergency Operation Plans
• Economic Development Plans
• Hazard Identification and Assessment
• Insurance Risk Assessments
• Community Rating System (CRS)
• Vulnerability Analysis
• Coastal and Riverine Engineering Storm Hardening
• FEMA Public Assistance
• Contracts (ie. Debris Removal, Emergency Generators, Equipment Rentals,. House House Razing, Service & Construction Contracts)
• Structural Damage Assessments
• Zoning Review and Building Department Support
• Permitting
• Integrated Geographic Information Systems (G.I.S.) databases
• Risk Mapping
• Hydrology and Hydraulics (H&H) Studies & Modeling
• Levee and Seawall Design